Levine continues to monitor the evolving situation concerning coronavirus (COVID-19), and we will update this website regularly to share information about our preparations and responses.

Current Status

All instruction is currently taking place online. While all campuses are closed for in-person instruction, Levine is still open with instruction occurring online and staff available remotely.

Now is a great time to get started or come back to music – learn more.

Lesson and Class Updates

Individual lessons

All individual music instruction (private lessons) for Levine Music are taking place online.

Here are some important things to note:

  • Our Faculty will be using the Zoom platform for online lessons. You won’t need an account – just click on the link sent by your teacher from a laptop, tablet or smartphone at your scheduled lesson time. If you are connecting by smartphone or tablet, we recommend downloading the free app for the best experience.
  • Your teacher will be in contact in advance to confirm details and to send you the meeting invite.
  • Please know that all instruction for Levine, individual or group, must happen online. No instruction may happen in person, either on campus or at an alternate location (such as the teacher/student home). This is critically important for the safety of everyone in our community. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Here are some tips for the best online lesson experience:
    • You will receive a Zoom invite from your teacher via email or calendar invite.
    • Please adjust the camera so that the student’s whole body/instrument can be seen.
    • Please have all music, pencil and your metronome ready.
    • Please prepare the room to be as quiet and interruption-free as possible.
    • Be prepared for the first Zoom lesson to have a few bumps with technology – don’t get discouraged, this will get easier.
    • Be mindful of lighting, mics and speakers so that it’s easy to see and hear each other.
  • Still have questions, or need help with Zoom? Contact your campus staff:

Faculty are looking forward to seeing you and your children via Zoom; please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. We hope that music study and daily practice can provide reassurance and a sense of routine to an otherwise uncertain time.

Group Classes and Ensembles

All Group instruction and ensembles are taking place online.

Winter/Spring 2020

We have been hard at work developing our approach for teaching. Please know that our paramount concern remains the health and safety of our students, families, faculty and staff. Given the uncertainty of the course of the pandemic, we continue to proceed cautiously. As a result, we are preparing all offerings for the 20-21 academic year to be available in an online format. At this time, all instruction will occur online through June 30, 2021.


I would like to discontinue lessons due to concerns regarding the online format. Can I get a partial refund for the rest of the semester?
Levine is actively working to ensure that we are able to continue delivering quality musical instruction to our students in the online format. However, if a student would like to discontinue study, they must provide their instructors with four weeks’ notice if circumstances lead to a withdrawal from private lessons. View withdrawal policy.

We are concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus. How are you ensuring that your faculty and staff do not have the virus?
Levine is closely following all of the guidelines set in place by CDC and are asking faculty and staff to notify us immediately if they experience symptoms. We, and are partners, are also taking enhanced measures to diligently clean and disinfect our campuses on a frequent basis.

We were planning to attend an upcoming Levine event is this event happening?
All events are taking place virtually. Please check our calendar for updates.

My child has a lesson next week, will Levine be open?
For the foreseeable future, all private lessons will take place online using Zoom.

I don’t have an internet connection at home, what do I do?
Comcast is offering free internet to eligible households. Learn more at www.internetessentials.com

I’m an enrolled student but not receiving your email updates, how do I get on the distribution list?
Please email Angie Fraser at afraser@levinemusic.org.

Upcoming Events

For the immediate future all events will take place virtually. Check out the calendar for upcoming events.