In this course, students explore music from the inside out and the outside in looking at all aspects of specific repertoire, from historical and theoretical perspectives to the development of our own interpretation.

Students bring nearly performance-ready pieces to class that they will study deeply from a historical and theoretical perspective. Sessions focus on creative decision-making, studying masterly performances of works (and understanding on a deep level why such performances are moving), and learning from each other about how to enrich our own interpretations. Students present and perform their pieces, providing us with insight on how they went about interpreting both composer and work. In addition, we’ll examine what leading musicians have suggested about their peak-performance techniques.

Classes designated Honors are enrichment options suitable for students who participate in or aspire to participate in Levine’s merit programs. Non-merit students are welcome to register for the class. Students who have not taken a music theory class at Levine should take an online placement test prior to registering for the class.

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Honors: Performance Lab


Sep 17, 2022 - Jun 3, 2023

Saturdays, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

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