For students who have had the initial proper technique set-up following a beginner’s level introduction. This 16-week course is great for students who are ready to move on, or who are returning to the instrument after some years but remember some and need a refresher and are ready to move more quickly through the next skills.

This class typically covers the next level from the beginner’s course, and works further on note and rhythm-reading, scales, shifting, vibrato, bowing skills, dynamics, bow development, pitch, and intonation, learning keys up through at least three sharps and flats, reading and developing a repertoire of music, etudes, solo and ensemble work, and more. There is a lot of review to solidify materials, or to re-introduce or refine current skills. The materials are typically around levels Suzuki Book 1 (late) through Book 4. Classes are tailored as best as possible to the students present, and so content and pacing varies.

The first weeks of this class focus on learning proper technique on the instrument. In the final weeks of class, students apply what they have learned in an informal ensemble setting and rehearse string ensemble repertoire for a possible end-of-session performance for friends and family! Other performance opportunities may also be possible.

Taking the beginner course is not a pre-requisite, but students must meet the level for this course to participate. Some study materials may be required to purchase. Students in this course may plan to stay for several years before moving onto the advanced level courses. Student readiness to move ahead may be determined between the student and class and/or private teacher and is usually on a case-by-case basis to make sure the class is the proper fit for the student for where they are at present and their goals.

For more information, please contact Dr. Patrick LeStrange, Strings Department Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1110 or


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