The Levine Chamber Music Seminar takes a deep dive into the skills,
repertoire, and culture of chamber music. We’ll meet weekly for three
distinct segments: coaching, rehearsal, and ensemble skills class. In
the unified class, we’ll learn important chamber skills like score
study, cueing and communication, and additional repertoire. This time
will also be used as a performance class as concerts approach at the end
of each session. Quartets will also have weekly coaching’s with faculty
on their repertoire, focusing on practice strategies and the
development of chamber music skills. Especially important is the weekly
time the groups will spend as a quartet to put their rehearsal plans
into action and practice independently as an ensemble to take ownership
of the repertoire and performance experience.

Requirements: This
class is geared to intermediate and advanced students ages 12-18.
Students will be placed in ensembles and should demonstrate proficiency
with shifting, vibrato, sight-reading, 3-octave scales, and repertoire
on at least Suzuki book 4-5 level (or an equivalent method). Students
will be asked to audition for placement in ensembles. Pre-formed
quartets are also welcome to join the program. Students under 12 may
apply if they feel ready.

*Before enrolling, please reach out to Maxfield Wollam-Fisher to schedule an audition:
Audition deadline: August 22, 2024 (Session I), January 5, 2025
(Session II). Students may audition after the deadline, space
permitting. This seminar is open to individuals and pre-formed chamber

Sample Schedule:

5:00 PM: Coaching/Rehearsal Block I

5:45 PM: Coaching/Rehearsal Block II
6:30 PM: Joint Rehearsal/Master Class
7:30 PM: Coaching/Rehearsal Block III
8:15 PM: Coaching/Rehearsal Block IV
will attend either Block I through the Joint Rehearsal (5 PM-7:30PM) or
the Joint Rehearsal through Block IV (6:30 PM-9:00 PM).


Levine Chamber Music Seminar - Session 2


Jan 24, 2025 - May 9, 2025

Fridays, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tuition Assistance

Levine Music is dedicated to providing quality music education for all students, opening our doors to anyone who wants to learn music, no matter their ability or financial circumstances.