Music Theory Online Levels 1-9 (Asynchronous)

Register with private piano: $20
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All others: $135

Students who enroll in this class will complete one level of the theory sequence over the course of the 8-week summer session. Each level consists of 6-8 units, including interactive video lessons, assignments, and quizzes. In this asynchronous class, students can log on any day/time of the week to complete their work. Students may also sign up for a video chat with the instructor for additional help.

Levine’s online music theory classes use an innovative online classroom that provides easy access to course materials and communication between students and instructors. Integrated instructional software helps students build musical fluency in an interactive environment.

Please note: Students should register for a free online placement test to determine placement in Levels 1-9. After completing the test, you will receive a class recommendation and registration link from the Department Chair.

For a complete description of the skills taught in each theory level please see the Music Theory Syllabus. Each level corresponds to Levine’s Keyboard Skills curriculum and is appropriate for all instruments and voice.

For more information, please contact Evan Meier, Theory Department Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1598 or


Music Theory Online: Levels 1-9 (Asynchronous)

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Jun 26, 2023 - Aug 21, 2023


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