Update: April 5, 2022 | New Guidelines beginning April 5

Last month, Levine was pleased to announce a reduction of on-campus restrictions. Since then, local conditions have continued to improve, and compliance has been excellent. For these reasons, Levine is able to announce a further relaxation of restrictions.

Our COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students aged 5+ remains in place and enables us to make these changes with confidence. Levine is committed to making decisions based on the most up-to-date and relevant recommendations provided by our team of infection preventionists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

As of April 5, 2022, Levine is implementing these changes to our guidelines for on-campus activities: 

  • Lessons and classes for vaccinated students (ages 5+), including in-person instruction for wind instruments and vocalists, may occur indoors without masking or bell covers. Wind and voice lessons will occur in rooms with additional air filtration running at all times and will be expected to follow distancing protocols.
  • Performances and classes may occur in rooms at maximum capacity (no distancing) if participants and audience members are masked.

As a reminder the following guidelines remind in place:

  • Levine’s vaccination requirement for ages 5+ for all on-campus activity.
  • Students and employees will still use the AUXS app to provide vaccination verification. Individuals who are unable to access the app will need to show proof of vaccination to enter campus.
  • Individuals who wish to continue masking may do so for any activity and for any reason.
  • The policies of host organizations may differ; please be prepared to follow site guidelines at Strathmore, THEARC, and Westover.

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Town Hall with Dr. Anthony Harris

On February 4 we hosted a Town Hall with Dr. Anthony Harris to share an update on our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe environment for music study. Dr. Harris and his team of infectious disease specialists from the University of Maryland have been assisting with our in-person plans and safety protocols.

We invite you to Watch the Recording of the town hall and Review the Slides from the presentation.

Ensuring the Safety of our Building

Following the guidance and advice of our medical consultants, our approach addresses strategies pertaining to air flow, surface disinfecting, and social distancing.

Air Handling and Air Flow

Levine hired an outside consultant to assess the HVAC systems at our DC Campus: NW. Upgrades were made to ensure appropriate ventilation and filtration. We have invested in plasma air cleaning technology and our HVAC systems have been calibrated to increase outdoor air intake.

Windows and doors will remain open whenever possible to allow for the continual flow of air. Additionally, we have purchased portable air purifiers for all five of our physical campuses to reflect the highest CADR rating as recommended by the EPA for the correct room sizes and square footage to maximize air filtration.

Surface Disinfecting and Cleaning

PMM, Levine Music’s cleaning company at the DC Campus: NW, continues to provide enhanced cleaning throughout the DC Campus: NW. In addition to daily disinfecting wipe downs focusing on high touch points, PMM provides electrostatic cleaning every Friday. As more students return, we will have an additional worker for a more frequent surface disinfecting. PMM is using one of the over 100 acceptable cleaners approved by the CDC.

Each studio contains instructions to safely clean all studio instruments after each use approved by Levine’s Head Piano Technician. Each studio has an easily visible sign detailing cleaning procedures upon entry and exit as an additional precaution to Levine’s regular cleaning schedule. There is a basket with supplies in each studio in use.

Hand sanitizer is accessible throughout the building. Levine has secured a plexiglass shield at the West entrance desk, hand hygiene signs, masks, instant thermometers, and face shields. We have Installed touchless water bottle filling stations to replace water fountains. Faculty and students coming to campus should bring their own filled water bottles.


Levine has installed signage to help direct traffic to minimize contact. Reminders to wash hands and maintain social distancing are also posted.

Levine’s Health Suite at the DC Campus: NW is on the lower level in the office just inside the doorway to the west parking lot. This provides a more isolated space near an exterior door should a health situation demand it. It is also where PPE for employees is stored.

On-Campus Protocols

When Not to Come to Campus

All members of our community must stay home or go home if they are feeling sick or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Faculty or staff members should notify Human Resources and their supervisor immediately.


Students will no longer be required to complete daily symptom checking through the AUXS app. Students and employees will still use the AUXS app to provide vaccination verification but will no longer be required to answer health screening questions. Individuals who are unable to access the app will need to show proof of vaccination to enter campus.

AUXS Health Screening

Need help? Contact our AUXS support team at AUXSsupport@levinemusic.org

Vaccination Requirements

To gain in-person access to any of the Levine campuses, all individuals ages 5 and older must provide proof of completed vaccination or have received an approved accommodation for medical or religious reasons.

All individuals ages 5-11 must provide proof of at least a first dose of vaccination by February 14, 2022 for access to campus, and provide proof of full vaccination by March 14, 2022.

Requirements for newly eligible age groups and boosters will be announced on a rolling basis.

Submit your vaccine verification

Submit a accommodation request


Masks are optional for fully vaccinated individuals. Masks are still required for anyone unvaccinated, or for any activity in spaces at maximum room capacity (where no distancing is possible).

All unvaccinated campus visitors ages 3-5 (with exceptions for students with disabilities) must wear a surgical, KN95, KF94, or N95 mask at all times. Cloth masks are no longer considered adequate facial coverings but may be used as an additional facial covering with a surgical mask underneath.

Individuals wishing to continue masking may do so for any activity and for any reason.

Faculty and students are asked to bring their own mask from home. Spare masks are available at the front desk if needed. Cloth masks, neck gaiters, bandanas, and any mask that contains a vent are not acceptable facial coverings. Anyone wearing one of these will be asked to replace it immediately.


Social Distancing and Shared Spaces

A 6-foot marking system is in place to visually demonstrate recommended social distancing.

  • Hallways & Stairwells
    • Follow posted signage for traffic moving up and down the stairs and through the halls
  • Elevators
    • Limited use to two people at a time or one household group.
  • Restrooms
    • Open and available for use.
  • Studios & Classrooms
    • Do not use Levine phones in shared spaces, including studios.
    • Before exiting for the day, faculty should disinfect touched surfaces including pianos.

Regular Handwashing

Individuals on campus should wash their hands on entry/exit of buildings, before and after lessons, and before and after bathroom use. Signs are posted to remind everyone of effective handwashing procedures.

Instruments and Materials

Whenever possible, students will use their own instruments and materials. When this negatively impacts a student’s educational experience, following the recommended protocol of washing or sanitizing hands before and after the activity is required.

Institutional Responsibility

Levine will strictly enforce all the above protocols. In turn, Levine will provide appropriate protective equipment and materials, including masks, hand sanitizers, and signage for movement throughout the building.  At no point will the number in the building exceed CDC or DC guidelines.

Reporting a Positive Status

It is imperative for families, faculty and staff to report any confirmed cases of COVID-19 to Levine, as well as occasions of close contact with someone known to have tested positive for the virus. In such instances, all protocols for quarantining must be followed.

Please be advised that community members are advised to seek PCR testing. Negative results from rapid antigen tests cannot be accepted, and students will be instructed to re-test with a PCR test to ensure the most accurate level of testing and a safe return to campus.

Returning to Campus After a Positive COVID Test

Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should isolate for 10 days following a positive Covid case.

  • For asymptomatic cases, use date of positive test as day 0.
  • For symptomatic cases, use date of symptom onset as day 0.
  • For individuals who become symptomatic after testing positive, day 0 resets to the onset of symptoms, not the test date.
  • Individuals should be fever free for 24 hours and be experiencing noticeably improved symptoms prior to return.

Returning to Campus After an Exposure

For Vaccinated Individuals:

  • Non-test option: If PCR testing is not possible, isolate from campus for 10 days. Follow strict mask and distancing guidelines between day 10-14.
  • Testing option: Vaccinated exposed individuals with a negative PCR test on day 5 or later may return to in-person learning upon providing proof of test results. Strict mask use and distancing should continue between day 5-14.

For Unvaccinated Individuals:

  • Non-test option: If PCR testing is not possible, isolate from campus for 14 days to verify negative status.
  • Testing option: Isolate from campus for 10 days and provide proof of a negative PCR test between day 6-8 post exposure. Strict mask use and distancing should continue between day 10-14.