Inspire 50

2024 Strategic Plan

Launching the next 50 years of inspiring community members across our region to learn, play, and love music.


About Levine Music

DEIA Commitment


In three years, Levine Music will reach our half-century mark – 50 years of outstanding music education and performances across the National Capital Region. Our voyage toward this historic year calls upon us to reflect on our past, assess our present, and plan for our future. By elevating critical questions, outlining priorities, and creating a roadmap for success, this Strategic Plan will launch another 50 years of inspiring community members across our region to learn, play, and love music.

At the heart of this plan are goals that strengthen our programming while also bolstering our business and financial models – both are crucial as we prioritize Levine’s organizational health over the next three years and the next half-century.

2024 Strategic Plan



Unparalleled programs for all ages and skill levels that build musical excellence and appreciation for a lifetime.

  • Review and Assess Program Offerings
  • Strengthen and Expand Early Childhood Music Programs
  • Expand the Capacity of the Suzuki Program
  • Build New Programs That Speak to the Learning Objectives of Adults

Programs of exceptional quality for all ages and skill levels are at the core of what we do at Levine. We aim to strengthen and expand our core by improving our program review process while we enhance our offerings for both younger and older learners.




A community that welcomes all to deepen their relationship with music and with one another.

  • Increase Student Financial Assistance
  • Enhance Community Partnerships
  • Build Programs That Support Cross-Campus Collaboration
  • Strengthen Enrollment and Community by Campus
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Community has many meanings at Levine: our entire Levine community, the local communities at our neighborhood campuses, and the diverse network of communities, both demographic and geographic, that comprise the National Capital Region. We will lean into all these definitions, strengthening the community at Levine and reinforcing our commitment to DEIA principles by improving access on and off our campuses while deepening connections and collaborations within and between our local communities.



An employer that attracts world-class faculty and staff to empower students on their musical journeys.

  • Foster a Healthy Workplace Culture
  • Support Employee Growth and Development
To attract and retain the highest caliber faculty and staff, we must foster a healthy and inclusive workplace culture, provide opportunities for faculty and staff growth, and provide equitable and competitive salaries and benefits. This human-centered commitment is vital to our success as an institution whose values emphasize DEIA principles and caring for our own as much as we do others. Levine’s landmark Faculty Compensation investment allows us to better support our faculty artists with benefits and opportunities that reflect their expertise and importance as members of the Levine community.
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Accessible and streamlined processes and digital solutions that simplify and enhance the experience of all members of the Levine community.

  • Assess and Improve Levine’s Technology Experience
  • Improve Access to Learning Materials
  • Develop and Launch a New Website That Prioritizes User Experience
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Technology is rapidly evolving and presents opportunities for us to enhance faculty and student access to instructional materials. Additionally, digital solutions can enhance administrative efficiency, deliver exceptional student experiences, grow enrollment, and improve our financial sustainability.



Financial stability that allows Levine to continue making a powerful impact through music.

  • Grow Enrollment and Strengthen the Student Pipeline
  • Increase Overall Contributed Revenue
  • Diversify Contributed Revenue Sources
  • Improve the Ability to Forecast Demand and Predict Tuition Revenue
Our financial strength is critical to our overall success. It requires an updated review of our model and resources and a re-envisioned goal structure that prepares us for another 50 years of success. To continue to thrive well into the future, we must center our fiscal health and update our outlook on remaining a sustainable institution.
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For more information, please contact Alisa Ben-Ami, Vice President of Development & Strategic Projects at 202-686-8000 x1053 or


We cannot reach these goals alone.

Hand in hand with our faculty, staff, families, and supporters, we are excited to travel down the road this plan sets forth and the music we will make along the way.

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