Levine Presents 2021-22

Levine Presents 2021-22 Performance Series:
Hear Our Voices

This season we are celebrating inspiring voices from both the past and present. Through live performances presented to audiences both in-person and virtually, the 2021-22 Levine Presents performance season will share these remarkable stories with our community. Hear our voices!

This season of Levine Presents is offered free of charge thanks to the generosity of many donors.

Season Highlights

Season Preview

Saturday, September 25, 2021 7 PM
STREAMING ONLINE at levinemusic.org 
Join us for the launch of the performance season with a lively evening of music featuring samples from the season’s offerings.

Voice of Change: The World of Zarzuela from Spain to Latin America

Saturday, October 16, 2021 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, join us for evening of vocal performance showcasing Spain’s musical tradition of Zarzuela, which blends classical operatic composition with folk dance, song, and instruments. Its dissemination into Latin America as a colonizing force led to the development of new musical-cultural identities. With this presentation, we will explore this metamorphosis and reflect on the richness and diversity of this genre underlining the importance of this musical heritage.
Featuring: Anamer Castrello, mezzosoprano; Peter Joshua Boroughs, tenor; Gustavo Ahualli, baritone; and Carlos Rodriguez, piano

Early and Black

Saturday, November 13, 2021 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Join us for an evening of early music by black European composers Joseph Bologne, Le Chevalier de Saint-George (Paris 1745-1799), and Charles Ignatius Sancho (London 1729-1789).
In addition to his composing talents, Bologne was a famous French violinist, conductor and fencer and known as the “Black Mozart.” Sancho was a renowned author, journalist, entrepreneur, abolitionist, and the first Black Briton to vote. Both were amazing, multi-talented and extremely influential men in their countries whose delightful music is sadly little-known today.
Featuring: Mary Findley, baroque violin; Leslie Nero, baroque violin; Marta Howard, baroque viola; Seth Castleton, baroque cello; and Patrick Merrill, harpsichord

Illuminations: American Soundscapes of Dance, Rhythm, and Jazz

Saturday, December 4, 2021 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Music illuminates the power of story and voice. Come with us as we explore Tania Leon’s Afro-Cuban fusion, Gabriela Lena Frank’s Peruvian-influenced folk dances, and David Baker’s jazzy Roots II trio. This program celebrates American soundscapes of dance, rhythm, and jazz. Internationally acclaimed Maryland composer James Lee III reveals inspiration close to home in his evocative Piano Trio 2: Temple Vision. By sharing a vision of what has been and what can yet be, this music illuminates the strength of rootedness and of voicing one’s story.
Featuring: Erin Durham, violin; Max Wollam-Fisher, cello; Brian Jones, clarinet; and Topher Ruggiero, piano

Horacescope: the Music of Horace Silver

Saturday, January 22, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, Horace Silver was an original sound in jazz with a talent of straddling complete jazz harmony with catchy melodies and soulful feels. Join us to experience the music of Horace Silver.
Featuring: Paul Bratcher, piano; Paul Carr, tenor saxophone; Tim Thompson, trumpet; Corey Wallace, trombone; Herman Burney, bass; and Byron Lanham, drums

The Duke and the Busboy Poet: Duke Ellington, Langston Hughes, and the DC Harlem Renaissance

Saturday, February 12, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: THEARC, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Poet Langston Hughes and composer/bandleader Duke Ellington interpreted the American experience through sounds and words. Join us for an evening of music, poetry, and to explore the lives of these two great artists, including their roots in Washington, DC, their role in the Harlem Renaissance, and their continued relevance in today’s troubled world.
Featuring: Charles Williams, vocals and spoken word; Gary Prince, guitar

Journey Across the World and Back

Saturday, March 5, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Enjoy an evening of music influenced by folk instruments, melodies, rhythms, and stories. Featuring pieces by women composers, past and present, including women of color, these composers have created works that are enchanting and inspiring. From Indian folk lullabies and classical Indian ragas to traditional American folk melodies, journey across the world and back to explore these diverse cultural influences on classical music.
Featuring: Kathleen Jacobi, flute; Heidi Schuller, flute; Johnny Walker, violoncello; Dana Smith, piano

Hugh Masekela: Father of South African Jazz

Saturday, April 9, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Blending the traditional music of South Africa with American jazz music, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer Hugh Masekela is regarded as giving birth to jazz as it sounds today in South Africa as well as being an ambassador of this music to the rest of the world. His music protested apartheid, slavery, government, and the hardships individuals were experiencing. Masekela’s recognition is not indicative of his accomplishments, influence, and contributions to the music world, and influence on jazz, rock, folk, and world music.
Featuring: Josh Walker, Guitar; Donvonte McCoy, trumpet; Karine Chapdelaine, bass; Paul Bratcher, piano; Manny Arciniega, percussion; and Billy Williams, drums

Nuestrxs Voces

Saturday, May 7, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at MD Campus: Silver Spring, and streamed through levinemusic.org
The music of Central and South America is a vast and eclectic mix of modern, folkloric, indigenous, and colonial elements that span a wide variety of genres and sounds. Despite this abundance of musical expression, there is one constant that reigns supreme throughout the Latin American musical scene: it is mostly dominated by male recording artists and performers.
Join local Washington DC musicians for an evening of homage to great female/non-male identifying figures in Latin American musical culture, as well as a foray into the music of Elena y Los Fulanos and other unheralded Latinx singer/songwriters from around the globe.
Featuring: Manny Arciniega, percussion; Elana Lacayo, vocals; Cristian Perez, guitar; Ben Rikhoff, bass

Rage Against the Machine

Saturday, July 9, 2022 7 PM
*In-Person at DC Campus: NW, and streamed through levinemusic.org
Rage Against the Machine was a political activist rock/hip-hop group of the 90s, speaking out against the injustices of racism, wealth inequality, police brutality, colonialism, and many more issues that are, unfortunately, still present today. Not to be satisfied with writing provocative and challenging lyrics, Rage took it to another level by being activists in their performances including a music video shoot that shut down the New York Stock Exchange for the day.
Featuring: Contemporary department faculty