In this First Music class for 3s, children and their caregivers engage in a wide variety of musical activities, including singing as well as playing age-appropriate, un-pitched percussion instruments. Circle dances and structured movement activities are also crucial components.

Building on what is learned in Round We Go for Families, we’ll meet new instruments that require finer motor skills. Plus, we’ll sing songs with wider vocal range and more intricate rhythmic patterns to develop pitch matching, solo singing, and a sense of rhythm. Through musical stories, games, and activities, we’ll learn basic rhythmic and melodic concepts together. Every little one will begin to contribute their own musical ideas, the first step toward improvisation.

Class activities and benefits include:

  • Instrument playing with age-appropriate, un-pitched percussion instruments to encourage basic rhythmic competency, including ability to play a steady beat.
  • Simple solo singing for improved listening and pitch matching skills.
  • Movement activities to develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Expressive movement to music, leading to spatial awareness and control.
  • Expanded repertoire of simple songs and musical games.
For more information, please contact Abby Cohen, First Music Program Coordinator, at or Glenn Sewell, Director of Group Instruction, at


Tuition Assistance

Levine Music is dedicated to providing quality music education for all students, opening our doors to anyone who wants to learn music, no matter their ability or financial circumstances.