(Ages 5-6; age 5 as of September 2020. Without parent/caregiver.)

This class expands on the musical foundation presented in Exploring Music (not a prerequisite). More complex songs and games are used to reinforce and expand musical literacy concepts such as beat, rhythm, melodic form, harmony, and expression.

Students develop musical independence through improvisation with pitched and un-pitched instruments*. Movement continues to play an important role, as more complex circle games and line dances are incorporated. Students also continue to explore ways to move expressively. “Visiting Instruments” continue throughout the year as students are exposed to new sounds and instrument families.

* Instruments may be purchased through Levine.

Class activities and benefits include:

  • Development of rhythmic skills including beat, meter, tempo and durational patterns
  • Introduction to more advanced improvisational forms
  • Ability to identify musical form through listening, playing, and movement activities
  • Ability to identify musical instruments and instrument families by sound
  • Development of melodic competency through improvisation, as well as independent singing, accurate intonation and expression
  • Development of expressive movement and more complex dances
  • Development of social cooperation and musical creativity

The class consists of:

  • 45 minutes of a live online weekly class
  • 10 minutes of Community Time,
  • Access to portal with music and recordings of class songs, as well as monthly newsletter
  • Access to monthly Facebook Live Sing-Along with First Music Faculty

Please note: All classes consist of a period of instructional time followed by 10 minutes of Community Time to talk with our expert teachers, ask questions about music and child development, meet other families, and provide social time for children.

For more information, please contact Youlee Park, First Music Program Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1107 or ypark@levinemusic.org.


Tuition Assistance

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