(Ages 8 – 19)

This is a traditional Chamber Orchestra (two violin sections, a viola section, and a cello section) with 12-15 participants. This class helps intermediate and advanced students to develop their note reading and ensemble skills. The young musicians study a wide variety of musical styles from classical to jazz.

Course materials and music are determined by the instrumentation of the enrolled students. The young musicians study a wide variety of musical styles from classical to jazz, prepare three concert programs throughout the year, and repeat each program in two performances.

Performances are planned for mid-November, the beginning of March, and the end of April (exact dates and times to be announced). All performances will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays

In case of on-line performances, instructors will train students to record their videos with a music file (MP3) that will be sent to them. They will need to record and submit a video file to the instructor. Levine will create and broadcast a split screen video performance.

If performances are live, proper social distancing will be observed.

Please note: An audition is required. Because of the intensity of this program, regular attendance is required. String students must be able to shift and use vibrato, and all students should be familiar with key signatures up to four sharps/flats. For more information, and to schedule an audition, please contact Vasily Popov, Chamber Music Program Chair, at chambermusic@levinemusic.org.


Tuition Assistance

Levine Music is dedicated to providing quality music education for all students, opening our doors to anyone who wants to learn music, no matter their ability or financial circumstances.