Music History and Appreciation Online is designed to help students enrich their musical experiences, whether as performers or audience members. Students develop their knowledge of basic musical terminology and hone their listening skills. Students are not required to have previous musical training before enrolling.
Students who enroll in the class are provided with in-depth units on the following topics:
Elements of music and acoustics
Musical instruments and timbre
Types of ensembles and musical genres
Survey of Western music history, including: Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the Classical, the Romantic, and Modern periods
Composer biographies and essential works
Survey of American music, and world music styles and genres
Online units include class notes, an audio lecture, supplementary reading, and video/audio examples. Each unit also includes an interactive quiz to help you test your knowledge. Students can ask questions and engage in group discussion with an instructor and classmates.
Music History and Appreciation Online is a 15-unit class. Students can complete the class at their own pace, with the recommendation that they log in on a weekly basis and complete one unit per week.
For more information, please contact Evan Meier, Theory Department Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1598 or


Music History & Appreciation

Levine Virtual Campus

Nov 1, 2021 - Mar 1, 2022


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