Music Theory Online for Adults – Intermediate is designed for students who are already fluent with reading musical notation and want to take their musicianship skills to the next level. The class includes in-depth exploration of the following topics:

Unit 1: Major and Minor Scales

Major scales
Major scales concepts
Relative and parallel minor
Natural, harmonic and melodic minor

Unit 2: Key Signatures
The order of sharps and flats
The circle of fifths
Identifying key signatures

Unit 3: Intervals I
Interval size
Perfect and major interval qualities

Unit 4: Intervals II
Minor, diminished, and augmented interval qualities
Hearing intervals

Unit 5: Rhythm and Meter
Simple and compound meter

Unit 6: Triads
Major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads
Lead sheet notation
Hearing triads

Unit 7: Triad Inversion
Inversion of triads
Figured bass symbols

Unit 8: Harmony Basics
Roman numerals and functional chords
The tonic, subdominant, and dominant triads
The dominant seventh and inversions
Harmonizing a melody with chords

Levine’s online music theory classes use an innovative online classroom that provides easy access to course materials and communication between students and instructors. Integrated instructional software helps students build musical fluency in an interactive environment. Students will hone their skills using the following software:

Musition (Basic Theory Skills)
Auralia (Ear Training Skills)
Noteflight (Music Notation)
Practice First (Sight Reading and Sight Singing)

Each unit includes an online lesson, an assignment, and a short quiz. Students can log on any day/time of the week to complete this work. Students will receive direct feedback and guidance from the instructor on their work. Students also have the opportunity to video chat with the instructor during office hours.

We understand that many adults have busy schedules and may not be able to complete work according to a fixed schedule – students will have access to the online classroom for 6-months following the date of registration.

Not sure which online theory class is right for you? Take our placement test to find out. This test is not required – students may select a class based on the description.

For more information, please contact Evan Meier, Theory Department Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1598 or


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