Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Working Group 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Working Group

Meeting throughout the year and with rotating membership, Levine’s DEIA Working Group monitors our work, creates best practices, and encourages transparency in the continual integration of DEIA principles throughout our campuses and programs. The Working Group also formed subcommittees focusing on the Board of Trustees, employees, students/families, and community/partnerships.

Levine’s DEIA Working Group

Karen Bartman (Faculty Member)
Craig Benson, Co-Chair (Trustee)
Tiana Bey (Trustee)
Rachel Chen (Faculty Member)
Bobby Conselatore (Vice President of Marketing & Communications)
Jared Cooper (Senior Director of Strategic Operations)
Linda Fienberg (Trustee)
Regan Ford (Campus Director, THEARC and Strathmore)
Angie Fraser (Director of Marketing & Communications)
Jazmin Goodson (Director of Camp Levine)
Aimee Halbruner, Co-Chair (Vice President of Music Education)
Andrew Howard (Board of Trustees Chair)
Ceylon Mitchell (Faculty Chair)
Christopher Payne (Faculty Member)
Hollyn Slykhuis (Development Manager)
Malia Tayyib (Executive Assistant to the President and CEO)
Jamila Tekalli Hanner (Artistic Director of Washington Musical Pathways Initiative)
Alex Thanicatt (Student Services Manager)
Jeffery Tribble, Jr. (President and CEO)
Jamel Vinson (Trustee)
A. Maria Williams, Co-Chair (Senior Director of Human Resources & Culture)
Sarah Frances Hope Williams (Faculty Chair)


In addition to our full DEIA Working Group, four subcommittees meet regularly to discuss topics relating to specific elements of Levine’s community.

Learn more about each of our DEIA Working Group Subcommittees below. 

Students and Families Subcommittee

With an emphasis on the experience and wellbeing of our student community, our Students and Families Subcommittee seeks to better understand the demographics of our student body, continue to cultivate a student population that is representative of our regional community, and guide Levine as we strive to always provide access to music education for students of all ages, races, genders, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. The student and family experience is centered in the Subcommittee’s work as it provides assistance as Levine continues to foster an environment in which all voices are heard and supported throughout every interaction and in every space while also providing input into the development of programs that include underrepresented artists, genres, and musical styles.

Community and Partnerships Subcommittee

As Levine provides more and more educational experiences beyond our campuses and grows as a regional and national resource for music education, our Community and Partnerships Subcommittee helps to ensure all partnerships embody DEIA principles. By fostering ever greater connections with the communities we serve, the Subcommittee assists in assessing the needs of our community members and ensures we remain an open and reliable resource for our peers, partners, and friends.

Board of Trustees Subcommittee

Made up of members of Levine’s Board of Trustees, the Subcommittee seeks to maintain a Board whose diversity reflects the diversity of the communities we serve, dedicated to ensuring that Levine reflects and carries out our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism in everything we do. By working with the full DEIA Working Group, the Board’s Committee on Trustees, as well as the full Board of Trustees, the subcommittee works to develop concrete goals for enhancing the diversity of the Board, its committees, and its leadership while creating plans for broadening recruiting efforts and examining membership criteria.

Employee Subcommittee

With a primary focus on the employee experience of Levine’s faculty and administrative staff, the Subcommittee provides recommendations to the full Working Group on matters pertaining to foster a workplace culture that embodies DEIA principles. The Subcommittee works to ensure we maintain clear, consistent, and transparent policies and helps to create space for all our employees to grow, excel, and explore new ideas.