2019-2020 Honors Students

The following students have been selected to participate in the 2019-2020 Honors Program. Many congratulations to these students and their teachers! 

Amir Barrage, Cello – Student of Sue Kelly

Julien Berman, Violin – Student of Leslie Silverfine

Eddie Cavallin, Violin – Student of Susan Katsarelis

Jacqueline Cavallin, Violin – Student of Susan Katsarelis

Robert Foster, Piano – Student of Ted Cooper

Victoria Graf, Piano – Student of Darya Gabay

William Graf, Piano – Student of Wen-Yin Chan

Levi Hebeisen, Guitar – Student of Franco Platino

Daniel Kim, Piano – Student of Wen-Yin Chan

Antoni Kleczek, Piano – Student of Martin Labazavitch

Junliang Li, Piano – Student of Mikhail Volchok

Cao Linh Pham, Piano – Student of Cecilia Cho and Composition – Student of Sam Post

Coby Siegel, Jazz Guitar – Student of Gary Prince

Sanjeev Belle Trichur, Piano – Student of Deborah Lloyd

Jessica Wang, Piano – Student of Wen-Yin Chan

Nate Wang, Piano – Student of Artur Aksenov

Andrew Yu, Composition – Student of Sis McKay

Vladimir Zadorojny, Cello – Student of Seth Castleton

The Honors Program at Levine is a merit-based program designed to enrich the musical development of Levine’s exceptionally gifted students by providing opportunities for them to enhance their musical education, gain inspiration through association with a community of like-minded students, and represent Levine as ambassadors of excellence.