1.  Outstanding Faculty

Experience superior musical instruction from world-class professional artists. Levine’s 180 distinguished faculty members inspire, guide, and nurture students to achieve their individual goals.

Guitar Lesson

2.  Convenient Campuses

With six campuses across the DC area and our virtual campus, Levine is easily accessible. You can find us in: Northwest and Southeast DC, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Arlington, Falls Church, and online.

3.  Diverse Musical Offerings

No matter your musical passion, we have a program tailored for you. Our students can explore 22 different instruments, singing, composing, and study various genres, including classical, jazz, rock, folk, and musical theatre.

4.  All Ages and Abilities

Whether you’re 4 months old or 100 years young, a novice or conservatory-bound, or looking to music to achieve therapeutic goals, there’s a place for you at Levine. We welcome all individuals with an interest in learning music.

First Music summer 2023

5.  Performance Opportunities

Levine offers a variety of opportunities to attend faculty and guest artist performances, learn through master classes and lectures, perform in a supportive environment, and study performance as a craft.

6.  Opportunities for All

At Levine, we open our doors to anyone who wants to learn music, regardless of age, ability, or financial circumstances. Our commitment to scholarships and partnership programming provides more than 600 children with free or subsidized music instruction each year.

7.  Beyond Lessons

At Levine, it’s more than just lessons. You can join a rock band or jazz combo, enhance your study with music theory, participate in chamber ensembles, explore production recording, and even spend your summer at Camp Levine.

8.  Inclusive Environment

Levine is committed to cultivating community that educates, inspires, and provides opportunities for all. We will always strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment, reflecting the richness and diversity of our community.

Electric Guitar Building

9.  Supportive Community

When you enter a Levine campus, you become a part of our community of music lovers. Through shared musical experiences, Levine students and families forge lasting friendships and provide mutual encouragement in their musical growth.

10.  All Steinway School

As an All Steinway school, Levine is committed to providing the best instruments for our students. We have nearly 130 pianos designed by Steinway, which are tuned and maintained regularly to make sure they are always in top condition for our students.