If you’re wondering what to do this summer, you might end up scrolling mindlessly through social media or spending too many hours on the couch. Instead, you should make the most of your time and sign up for some music lessons! Learning an instrument is a ton of fun, offers a wide array of benefits, and is perfectly suited for summertime. Here’s a look at the benefits of learning an instrument, and why summer is the best time to get started. 

Guitar Lesson Teacher Summer 2022

Benefits of Learning Music 

There’s more to studying music than learning a new song or mastering your scales and arpeggios. These benefits of music are sure to bring great things to your summer, and beyond! 

Stress Relief 
If you’ve ever reached for your earbuds on a stressful day, you already know what science has confirmed: music has the power to relieve stress and improve your mood. It reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol and triggers the release of dopamine to your brain. Infusing more music into your life is a fantastic way to ensure a satisfying summer. 

Health Improvements 
The health benefits of music don’t stop at reducing stress. More studies are centering on the concept of music as medicine. Music has been shown to soothe patients, improve mental health outcomes, and even bolster immune response. 

Cognitive Benefits 
Learning music also comes with a bunch of cognitive benefits. People who study music are not only acquiring a new skill, they’re also improving memory retention, developing emotional awareness, and more. These benefits are specifically for those who are actively engaged in making music. Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, wrote to TIME Magazine, “We like to say that ‘making music matters,’ because it is only through the active generation and manipulation of sound that music can rewire the brain.” 

Increased Creativity 
Music is an art, so it’s no surprise that developing your musical abilities and knowledge will give you a creativity boost. Music encourages creativity by promoting divergent thinking and opening our minds to new possibilities. 

New Friends 
Music lessons are a great way to improve your social life. Taking a class with other students allows you to spend time with people with similar interests and can lead to fulfilling and long-lasting friendships. Even if you’re learning an instrument on your own, engaging in the music community or sharing your music with others can build up friendships, community, and a sense of belonging. 

Boosted Confidence 
In addition to the benefits of playing an instrument, you’ll reap all the benefits of learning a new skill, including a confidence boost. Learning an instrument, developing your musical knowledge, and improving over time will give you a powerful sense of achievement.  


Why Summer Is Great for Music Lessons 

Music and summer are a beautiful match. We’ve seen how music can improve your summer, but here’s why summer is so well suited to music too. 

You’ll have more time for music. 
For students of all ages, summer is the perfect time to start music lessons. The break from school gives you plenty of time to focus on music and get the basics down. 

You can take your practice outdoors. 
Learning music in the summer means you might be able to take your instrument outside, depending on what you play. Practicing at a park, a beach, or a sunlit patio can be a fun and engaging experience. 

You can play music socially. 
When you learn to play an instrument, you’ll be able to share your skills with others in many social situations. Take a guitar to a beach bonfire with friends or play your violin for a family gathering. Music will always be a way to bring people together. 

You’ll mitigate summer learning loss. 
Music lessons can help prevent summer learning loss by keeping students’ brains active. Learning music has been linked to better reading comprehension and math skills and can help you stay sharp between semesters. 

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