BM Keyboard Performance, George Mason University

  • Student of Anna Balakerskaia
  • Studied conducting with Stan Engebretson, Anthony Maiello, and Dennis Layendecker

MM Piano Performance, Mannes School of Music

  • Student of Simone Dinnerstein
  • Studied collaborative piano with violinist Rebecca Fischer and pianists JY Song and Cristina Stanescu

Certificate, International Academy of Advanced Conducting after Ilya Musin

Performance Experience

Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall debut, 2018
Steinway Hall in NYC debut, 2019

Other Notable Music Experience

Collaborative Pianist at the Mannes School of Music – 2019 – 2021
Collaborative Pianist at George Mason University – 2014-2019
Pianist at Truro Anglican Church – 2015-2019
Pianist at Cherrydale United Methodist Church – 2021-present

The Newton Swift Award in Collaborative Piano – Awarded by the Mannes School of Music in Spring 2021
1st Prize at the XIV Orfeo International Music Competition – Awarded in July 2016

Teaching Experience

Teaching Artist – Mason Community Arts Academy, 2015-2019

Teaching Philosophy

It is my belief that, above all, a student should be equipped with the tools for self-exploration.

This includes methods for practice, study, self-reflection, and, most of all, the unwavering pursuit of lifelong joy and passion. Every student should be instilled with the desire to forever play, enjoy, and appreciate music. It is also my belief that music is NOT a universal language – rather, that every single student of music speaks it differently. Every student is encouraged to study music as authentically, and as true to their nature and goals, as possible.

To prepare my students, I spend significant time teaching methods of deliberate practice. We explore concepts of memorization, work to understand the physiology of the hands and the body, and learn how to most effectively turn our minds towards the task of learning. We learn how to reflect on our progress with constructive positivity, how to avoid physical injuries, and how to approach practice with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

As students, I also charge them with the task of being students of cultures. Though my students primarily come to study the piano, we explore the musical works of other instruments, written in other cultures and other time periods. In this way, students are more aware not only of what has been written before, but also of what is being written now, and, hopefully, in the future. We explore systems of music theory from around the globe, as well as learn how to critically listen to works of music – which, in turn, informs how the student listens to themselves. And, as the student learns how to listen, so, too, does their own intrinsic voice develop and blossom.

It is my philosophy that teaching students about music, is to give them the resources to explore not just music, but the world. And, in doing so, teach them to love the work of this lifelong pursuit.