Violin, Viola


Paula attended University of Texas and University of Oklahoma for her undergraduate studies. She then went to Cal State-Long Beach for her graduate studies in Music Education. Fishman also received her Texas Music Education Certficate, K – 12 from Region 20 (San Antonio).

Performance and Teaching Experience

Paula performed as a full time or part time musician with the Austin Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Florida Symphony, Jacksonville Symphony, Oklahoma Symphony, Savannah Symphony and Tulsa Philharmonic. 

Paula has been an adjunct faculty member for Violin, Viola and String Methods at Okla. Baptist U and Long Beach City College, and was a private violin and viola instructor in California, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas. Paula has placed over 150 violinists and violists in leadership positions in all-state, region and district orchestras including concertmasters, principals and section musicians.

At the American String Teachers Association’s National Convention, the ASTA Florida Convention on string pedagogy, Paula was a presenter, as well as at the SoCal Band and Orchestra Convention on string pedagogy.

In addition, Paula was Music Director of the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Amarillo Symphony Youth Orchestra.

At Levine

Paula joined Levine in October, 2014 teaching violin and viola.

Favorite thing about Levine: “Working with such amazing faculty and students! A close 2nd is the opportunity for students to perform in recitals and juries.”

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

“My initial focus is basics – posture, left and right hand with no unnecessary tension. Once achieved, the student rockets to musicianship: phrasing, style and timbres (bow speed/bow weight/bow lanes). My goal with every student is to teach them to eventually teach themselves. To understand how to solve any technical difficulties with ease and understand and succeed in playing specific composers in the correct style from Baroque to Modern.”


Hiking (currently focusing on the top 50 hikes in Maryland). Not training our new Border Collie puppy, Bailey.