Sam Post received his B.S. in Physics from Yale University and M.M. in Piano from Northwestern. He has spent summers performing at Pianofest in the Hamptons, the Bowdoin International Music Festival, at the Bard Conductor’s Institute as a fellow and as a resident at Avaloch Farms Music Institute. Sam is an alumni of Levine.

Performance and Teaching Experience

Sam made his recital debut when he was 14 with the all-Bach program at Levine, and has since gone on to compose and play throughout the United States. He has performed with Reneé Fleming and Yo-Yo Ma, written a chamber symphony for the San Francisco Symphony orchestra, and his most recent solo album of ragtime was featured in No Depression and the Syncopated Times. He is the music director and pianist for the Kassia Music Collective.

Prior to returning to Levine, Sam was on faculty with the Connecticut School of Music and the Westport School of Music.

At Levine

Sam has been on the Levine faculty since the fall of 2013 where he teaches piano and in 2017 joined the composition faculty as well.

“Levine is an incredible place to improve as a teacher and musician. I am always drawing on the inspiration not only from my wonderful colleagues, but my wonderful students as well, whom I learn from every day.”

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

“I aim to include students in the creative process of making music by composing with beginning students and elaborating on short pieces in lessons. I believe that, in addition to building strong technique and reading skills, cultivating a love of music and a strong independent musical personality are the most important lasting benefits of piano lessons. I draw heavily on the experience and mentorship of my own former teacher and Levine colleague, Irena Orlov.”


Sam is a dedicated soccer player and supporter, and occasional writer.


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