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Kelton Norris


DC-based drummer and music educator Kelton Norris is known across the DC jazz scene for his “fiery and collaborative playing.”

Through educational performances and workshops, Kelton guides students through a journey through jazz and hip hop, and the history of African American music.

Originally from Raleigh, Mississippi, Kelton Norris began playing music in church at a young age and has been heavily focused on performance and education since middle school. Kelton has been a part of numerous recordings spanning across many styles of music. As a member of the EJB Quartet, Kelton is a winner of the 2020 DC Prix, an international jazz competition presented by the DC Jazz Festival.

Kelton received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Music Education and a Master’s in Jazz Performance from Northern Illinois University. While studying at the University of Southern Mississippi, Kelton began performing at New Orleans music venues such as Bourbon Band Stand and Famous Door. During his graduate studies, he was fortunate to continue gaining experience performing in the Chicago Jazz Orchestra alongside many notable musicians, such as Hamiet Bluiett and other well-known Chicago-based musicians like Fareed Haque. Kelton is currently on staff at several institutions across DC, Maryland, and Virginia and maintains a full-time performance schedule performing with many respected artists.

Jazz and Hip Hop

Take an educational journey through both Jazz and Hip Hop. This educational performance will highlight the cultural and rhythmic relationship between the two genres. The presentation will be co-led by musical artist and educator Kelton Norris and songwriter, producer, educator, and rapper Deacon Izzy. There will be plenty of chances to join the fun through sampling, dancing, singing, rapping, and drumming during this engaging and interactive performance.

Single: $975
Back-to-Back $1375

The History of African American Music

Experience the various colors, sounds, and moods inside the music that has played a pivotal role in the development of American culture and society. This educational performance will journey through the music of slavery, prohibition, religion, and civil rights, creating a soundtrack of US history. As a part of African American culture and for an enhanced experience, the audience is encouraged to dance, clap, and sing along as we all make music together. The ensemble will include Kelton Norris, Herman Burney, and Justin Taylor and will feature Taylor Young’s dynamic vocals.

Single: $1495
Back-to-Back: $1895