Why First Music

Through First Music, Levine combines the best of early childhood music education practices with fun, dynamic, and creative programs to deliver the DC region’s most engaging musical learning experiences for children and families.

Designed and taught by Levine teachers who are early childhood specialists as well as accomplished musicians, our First Music classes are structured to emphasize learning through play. Our teachers inspire children in meaningful music experiences on a personal level, making musical principles accessible, internal, and memorable.

While we provide the necessary building blocks for future music study, First Music also nurtures the overall development of the whole child. Each class provides a variety of age-appropriate musical activities that foster cognitive, physical, and social skills.

Benefits of a First Music Education

Children 4 months through 8 years of age benefit from First Music classes by:

  • Engaging in age-appropriate musical activities that support overall childhood development and foster social development, cooperation, and musical creativity
  • Receiving sensory stimulation through music
  • Participating in movement activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, leading to spatial awareness and control
  • Learning how to improvise by themselves and with others
  • Developing a repertoire of music fundamentals critical for future music study
Two toddlers playing under a parachute.

Our Classes

Three young children and a teacher around a large drum.

Class Schedule

First Music Outdoor Fall Class 2021 Masked

Frequently Asked Questions