Fees and Discounts


Processing Fee ($25 – $50)

One per family per academic year (Sept – June)

DC Campus: NW, MD Campus: Silver Spring and Strathmore, VA Campus: Arlington

$50 – Private Lessons & Group Classes greater than $300
$25 – Private Lessons & Group Classes less than $300


$25 – All Private Lessons & Group Classes

Payment Plan Fee ($35)

Required for all Levine payment plans. Students who enroll in a full year of Private Lessons and elect to split tuition into two equal payments (one payment upon registration and one on February 1st) will not incur a payment plan fee.

Transaction Handling Fee (2%)

All tuition payment transactions incur a 2% Transaction Handling Fee that will be automatically applied for each tuition transaction.

Missed Payment Fee ($30)

A missed payment fee will be charged to accounts that miss a payment in their payment plan.

Refund Processing Fee ($30)

A refund processing fee will be charged for all refunds.

Returned Check Fee ($30)

A returned check fee will be charged for all returned checks.


Multi-Enrollment Discount ($40)

$40 off tuition when one student enrolls in more than one lesson and/or class.

  • One discount per student, per semester.
  • One activity must be above $100 to apply discount.
  • How to redeem: Contact your campus staff.

Family Discount ($50)

$50 off tuition applies to one additional family member after the first is enrolled.

  • One discount per student, per semester.
  • How to redeem: Contact your campus staff.

Refer a Friend ($25)

$25 off tuition for BOTH the referring student (must be currently enrolled) and referred student (must be new to Levine).

  • No limit on the number of referrals – the more your refer, the more you save!
  • Enrollment must be above $100 to apply this discount.
  • How to redeem (referring student): The $25 credit will be applied to your account when the referred student enrolls and lists you as the referral.
  • How to redeem (referred student): Contact your campus staff.

Camp Levine New Student Discount ($25 – 50)

Processing fee ($50 or $25) waived for students who become new (academic year) students after participating in Camp Levine.

  • How to redeem: Contact your campus staff.

Need help enrolling?

Contact Student Services at sservices@levinemusic.org or (202) 686-8000.