2022 Marlin-Engel Solo Competition

The Marlin-Engel Solo Competition was established by the Board of Trustees of Levine Music in 1980 to honor Jackie Marlin and Diana Engel, the school’s founders and co-directors from 1976-1980. Originally offering a single “Marlin-Engel prize” the competition today offers awards in both piano and instrumental categories and in three age divisions: Junior (up to age 9), Intermediate (ages 10-13) and Senior (ages 14-18). The first place prize for piano is the Ida Canter prized, established by Dr. Jane Loeffler and her family as a tribute to her grandmother. Contestants perform two solo works or movements that contrast in style and period.

Enjoy the final round performances in the videos below. Congratulations to all the participants, their teachers and families!

This program has been made possible through the generous support of the Marinus and Minna B. Koster Foundation, Inc. Special thanks to: Lois Narvey and Maxfield Wollam-Fisher, competition organizers, Irina Kats, accompanist, and the return to campus task force.


Congratulations to all the finalists and their extraordinary teachers!

Junior Division

First Place, Piano: Jason Ding, student of  Darya V. Gabay
First Place, Instrumental: Ari Carare, student of Mia Pomerantz
Second Place, Piano: Maya Kansal, student of Darya V. Gabay
Second Place, Instrumental: Ashmi Trivedi, student of Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
Honorable Mention: Joey Deal, student of Mia Pomerantz

Intermediate Division

First Place, Piano: William Hsieh, student of Labazevitch
First place, Instrumental: Ishaan Banerjee, student of Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
Second Place, Piano: Sanjeev Belle Trichur, student of Deborah Lloyd
Second Place, Instrumental: Bethan Bray, student of Franco Platino
Honorable Mention: Uma Das, student of Karen Bartman, and Sam Brose, student of Jamila Tekalli

Senior Division

First Place, Instrumental: Lucas Das, student of Henry Stubbs
First Place, Piano: William Wu, student of Marina Alekseyeva
Second Place, Instrumental: Eileen Maloney Cunningham, student of Erin Durham
Second Place, Piano: Robert Foster, student of Mikhail Volchok
Honorable Mention: Yuhan Li, student of Wen-Yin Chan, Azmera Gebre, student of Darya V. Gabay, and Grey Small, student of Douglas Rogers