Guided Listening

Guided Listening with JoAnna Cochenet
Cultural Storytelling and Crossovers

Explore well-known works and discover new treasures of the musical repertory in our Guided Listening sessions with JoAnna Cochenet.

In each session, we’ll closely examine the music through clues and information left by the composer and inferred from their life, performance practice, and other historical and relative means. Please listen to the pieces at least once before coming to the sessions to help prepare your ears, mind, and thoughts for the conversation about the works.

Guided Listening takes place online over Zoom. The link to join the Zoom will be provided the week of the event.

This year, we are exploring the music of various cultures as we find them in crossover or storytelling settings within the repertory of orchestral music, which, for many in the United States and Europe, may first bring to mind the orchestral music heritage of Western European orchestras. With only this, however, we leave out many other stories.

When cultures cross or are allowed to take up space of their own, we are either left with a wonderful blend of elements of more than one culture, or we can learn of important stories that are not always at the forefront, which includes being on the concert stage. The synthesis of sound creation may come in a fusion of more than one style or the storytelling of a region or person’s story. In our case, in this series, it is through the medium of the orchestra—and in all cases, through an effervescent kaleidoscope that is a representation and voice of humanity.

Just as there are many ways to create a final composition and many impetuses behind doing so, all are unique and told from the composer’s perspective. We set off in this series to explore several works and styles that have made their way to the orchestral medium, learning the voices of more and more composers and the stories of more and more people.

Hip-Hop and Orchestra – A unique pairing of great minds and abilities

Friday, October 6, 2023

Danial Sheibani’s Freedom Uncanny – Devastation of Iranian culture and hope for a new beginning

Friday, December 8, 2023

Florence Price’s Ethiopia’s Shadow in America (1932) – A vignette of a life and lives altered

Friday, January 26, 2024

Reena Esmail’s Vishwas – A 15th-century Indian story

Friday, April 19, 2024

JoAnna Cochenet

JoAnna Cochenet

Violinist, violist, conductor, and lecturer JoAnna Cochenet has been a member of the Levine faculty since 2016.

JoAnna conducts, teaches, performs, writes and publishes articles in the field of music, and gives lectures and orchestral and workshop clinics. In addition to conducting in rehearsals and performances with professional orchestras and soloists throughout the U.S. and Ukraine through master classes, she has been engaged as Guest Conductor and Clinician for several All-County and All-City Orchestra Festivals, school orchestra concerts, and community orchestras around the United States.