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SE Focus Instruments: Grades 3-6

Hi Camp families!  

Below are the focus instruments that will be offered at your camp location this summer for grades 3-6. If you would like to make any changes to your camper’s instrument choice, please be sure to do so through your Levine Music account by Wednesday, May 15th.   

To make changes to your instrument choices: 

  • log into your Levine Music account. 
  • select the blue hyperlink that says, “Change answers to enrollment questions.” 
  • select your camper’s account 
  • click on the drop down for each enrollment to adjust the instrument choices.

SE Session 1 

SE Session 2

1. Piano 1. Piano
2. Violin 2. Cello
3. Trumpet 3. Clarinet

Note: we cannot guarantee your camper will receive their first-choice instrument. 

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Camp Levine Final Performances

Final performances are closed for families and friends but will be recorded and uploaded here! Check back soon for updates.

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