President’s List

Spring 2023 President’s List

Begins February 1, 2023 | Due on or before June 2, 2023

The President’s List is an enrichment program designed for students of all ages and abilities enrolled in private instruction at Levine. Students in traditional and Suzuki lessons are eligible to participate. This program is designed to help students develop into fine, well-rounded and successful musicians and provide, with your teacher’s help and guidance, a goal to work towards for each semester.

The program has been updated this year to include a new point system and additional enrichment activities.

Download the 2023 Spring President’s List Application

Application submission is only available through the online form. Scan your completed application and any documentation (book report, concert ticket, etc.), or take photos of each page with your smart phone to include with your submission.

How to Participate in the President’s List

1Download the President’s List Application

Download the President’s List Application to log your daily practicing, listening, and enrichment activities.

2Discuss Goals with your Private Lesson Teacher

Discuss your practice goals with your teacher and ask for suggestions on listening, performances to participate in, readings, concerts, and volunteer activities.

3Practice, Listen, Attend Events, Read, and Volunteer

Earn 15 points for the President’s List or 20 points for the President’s List with distinction by participating in a various enrichment activities.

4Submit your Application

Scan your completed application and any documentation (book reports, concert programs, etc.) or take photos of each page with your smartphone to include with your submission and submit through the online form by June 2, 2023.

President’s List Activities

1. Practice log (1 point)

Based on your teacher’s recommendation, please mark the amount of time you practice each day. Include calendar in your submission.

Fall – log October through January

Spring – log February through May

2. Listening log (one hour per week) (1 point)

Please list on the listening log what you listened to each week. Give as much information as you can including title, movement, composer, performer, etc. Include listening log in your submission.

Fall – log October through January

Spring – log February through May

3. Participation in a jury event (2 points)

Juries and recitals will be held during Performance Week. List the date of your jury performance in your submission.

Fall Performance Week, December 12th – 17th

Spring Performance Week, May 15th – 20th

4. Participation in a Levine student recital event (2 points)

Including but not limited to: Campus Recitals, Distinction Recitals, Department Recitals, Studio Recitals, and Showcase Recitals. View upcoming campus recital datesAttach a copy of the program in your submission.

5. Musicianship class (theory or related class) (2 points)

Please submit your teacher’s signature or registration receipt.

6. Concert attendance (2 points)

Attend 2 performances featuring professional musicians. We encourage students to attend Levine’s concerts (view upcoming events). Other venues include The Kennedy Center and Strathmore Music Center. Students must attend 2 concerts to earn points in this category. Submit a written paragraph, video response, or drawing reflecting on your experience. 

7. Master class attendance (2 points)

Attend 1 master class (view upcoming events). Other options include master classes at Catholic University of America, University of Maryland, Jordan Kitts, and other music institutions. Submit a written paragraph, video response, or drawing reflecting on your experience.

8. Music-related reading enrichment (2 points)

Read a book on a composer’s life, a musical work, a musical event, or a teaching method. Check with your private teacher for recommendations. Submit a written paragraph about the book your read. 

9. Participation in ensemble group: chamber music/orchestra/band/music theater/rock/jazz (3 points)

Students can participate in Levine’s ensemble groups or ensembles outside of Levine. Submit your conductor/coach’s signature or proof of enrollment.

10. Music-related volunteer activity (3 points)

Activities may include; performing for a senior home, in a religious institution, or at a community center; volunteering with a music organization or school; accompanying or teaching younger students, etc. Submit a written paragraph, or video response reflecting on your experience.


If you have any questions about the President’s List, please contact Logan Massey.