Camp Policies

 Camp Levine Policies

Attendance & Absences

Camp Levine does not prorate or refund for absences. If a camper must miss a class, will arrive late, or needs to be picked up early, please e-mail the site director at your camp location to make arrangements.

Camp Levine Refund & Withdrawal Policy
  • Should Camp Levine have to cancel camp for summer 2023 prior to the start of the program, we will provide a full refund.
  • Should Camp Levine need to close or cancel during the camp session, we will prorate and refund the remaining tuition for the remaining days that a camper is enrolled.
  • If the camper withdraws prior to May 15, any tuition paid will be refunded, aside from the non-refundable deposit ($200 for the full day program, $150 for the half day program, $50 for the Teen Apprentice Program).
  • If a camper withdraws after May 15, the family is responsible for the full tuition. No refunds will be granted. 
  • Withdrawals from Camp Levine must be requested by completing the Camp Levine Refund/Withdrawal Form.
  • Camp Levine tuition cannot be prorated or refunded for camp absences.
  • Any changes made to camp enrollment (changing site, session, half day to full day, full day to half day, requesting friends, etc.) after May 15, will be charged a $35 change fee.
Health & Wellness


All of Levine Music’s campuses are open campuses, where a variety of lessons and group classes are offered. For that reason, Camp Levine is unable to provide a nut, milk, or allergen-free environment because the risk of accidental exposure is always present. However, we do all we can to maintain the safety of those with allergies.


All campers attending Camp Levine are required to be fully potty-trained and completely independent in the restroom. If a camper needs support in the restroom, or is having repeated accidents, the camper will be dismissed from Camp Levine.

EpiPens & Inhalers

EpiPens and inhalers are stored in the camp offices at each site. All EpiPens and inhalers are stored with their designated action plans. An action plan must be provided by the camper’s doctor. EpiPens, inhalers, and action plans should be dropped off at the camp site prior to the first day of camp. The EpiPen and inhaler must remain on site for the duration of the camp session. Any child dropped off at Camp Levine without their prescribed EpiPen or inhaler will not be permitted to remain at camp.

First Aid & Medical Emergencies

All campuses are equipped with first aid kits to handle minor injuries. If an injury is serious, camp staff will contact the parent or emergency contact listed on the Health & Safety Form. If the emergency is severe, emergency personnel will be contacted immediately.


Children exhibiting symptoms of illness must remain home for at least 24 hours or until the symptoms subside. If a camper becomes ill while at camp, camp staff will contact the parent(s). In the event of illness, parent(s) are responsible for promptly picking up their children. Any contagious conditions must be reported to the Site Director immediately. Children may not attend Camp Levine until they are no longer contagious.


Camp Levine staff DOES NOT administer medication at Camp Levine. If your child requires medication administered during the camp day, you will need to go to the campus and administer the medication. Please note that in an anaphylactic emergency, an Epi-pen will be administered.

Instrument Loans

Campers in 3rd grade and up, who are not focusing on the piano or harp, will be provided an instrument they can bring to/from camp.

The instrument loaned to your child must be properly cared for and returned on the last day of the camp session in the same condition that it was received. In case of loss or damage to the instrument and/or all of its parts and accessories while in the possession of your child, the enrolling adult is responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement of the instrument.

Insufficient Class Enrollment & Cancellation

Levine Music and Camp Levine reserves the right to close registration for classes that are filled and to cancel or alter classes that are undersubscribed.

Photography & Videography

Levine Music reserves the right and may give permission to appropriate staff or outside personnel and representatives of the media, to photograph and record (video or audio) classes, programs, performances, and participants at all our facilities and properties. Please be aware that these photos or recordings are for promotional purposes and may be used in future Levine Music, Camp Levine, and/or other print or electronic publications and media communications. By enrolling in Camp Levine, families consent to video/audio recording or taking photographs of you and/or your child for these promotional purposes.

Weather & Closures

Campers do go outside daily, weather permitting. In cases of inclement weather and extreme heat, campers will remain indoors.

In the event it becomes necessary to close the camp due to inclement weather or other circumstances, we cannot guarantee the makeup of lost camp time. No refunds or credits will be issued in the event of a weather or other uncontrollable event or closure. Schedule changes due to inclement weather will be posted on We will also attempt to contact parents via e-mail or phone.